Thursday, June 21, 2012

oil painting!

i'm taking VAILL 450R (Painting the Human Head) taught by Greg Newbold.  this class is amazing so far, and it's literally the first time i've done oil painting.  usually, i don't put up crap work up here, but i believe that persistence and effort pays off.  as you can see, my third one from today is such a huge improvement from the first one.  Greg Newbold is the MAN, take his class if you can.  

1st attempt at oil painting (6/19/12)

2nd attempt (6/20/12)

3rd attempt (6/21/12)

so, i think i'm getting there... i'm starting to learn how to control the medium.  yay!  

also, my teacher Ryan Woodward released a new comic book APP!  yes, an APP!  check it out, you'll love it.  it's not just a regular comic book...  check it out at

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