Thursday, November 15, 2012

some sketches and WIP

in case you didn't know, WIP = work in progress.
here are some sketches and assignments from my classes.  
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a pegasus that doesn't have wings big enough to fly... WIP (digital painting)

and here's a dolphin... i like dolphins.

this was an emulation assignment and i had to emulate an artist's style while creating my own character.  i emulated Simon Loche, a european comic book artist.  i find his style fascinating, and very unorthodox to mine, so it was definitely a good exercise.  i recommend artists to emulate masters, so they can draw better.  it works for me!  

a fun progress picture of my first assignment from the digital painting class from Sam Neilson.  i highly recommend taking a class from him.  he has so much knowledge and talent.  

and this is my environment assignment for the final in sam's class.  so far, i need to work on the rocks, and figure out how to render the foliage and everything else around it.  

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