Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Maybe some of you already heard about Facebook's new Terms of Service, which pays no "compensation" to those pictures released or shared through Facebook or Instagram using for advertisements and such.  Imagine them earning millions of dollars by "stealing" my and many other talented artists images without compensating us.  I am not very happy about this, and I will not use Facebook or Instagram to show my art.  I will link you to this blog from Facebook though, so, worry not people.  You will still see me around.  But anyway, here's some sketches I've done, along with some projects for school.  


And here's a progress GIF of my digital painting environment final.

And this is my shader programming final.  I had to replace one of the models (city or roads) with a 3D one using Houdini to make it look realistic.  I'm not happy with the final result, but this will do for now.