Sunday, September 15, 2013

the DEATH of this blog!


It has been a wonderful ride on this blog.  I thank you everyone who made comments, viewed the pictures, and all that on this blog.  Unfortunately, I have developed a better & quicker way to share my work through Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.  The ease of posting through those platforms have left this blog "dead".  I am now confirming it's DEATH as of now.

I will delete this blog, but I'll migrate a lot of my old work to my Tumblr and Facebook!

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Friday, February 8, 2013

busy... and busy!

it's been almost two months since i updated this blog!  that doesn't mean i've been lazy, but i've been using instagram, tumblr, and twitter for my sketches.  you should follow me on instagram @bambalaich, bambalaich at tumblr, and @deafaustin on twitter.  

but anyway, here's some select sketches for your viewing pleasure!